Does Saving data in "The Cloud" scare you ?

The cloud is just a fancy way of saying it is stored on someone else's computer.

Not just passwords/pins to all your most private logins, If it can be saved as text, this is your solution. Proprietary business info, secret recipes, patent information, medical information, record keeping of any kind.

A Quick Survey

Do you ever worry about storing your most important info on someone else's computer?

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Important Data Saver allows anyone to securely save any type of information and save it locally instead of in the cloud. IDS uses high grade triple encryption to keep your data safe from prying eyes. IDS is a great way to save any textual information.

Save ANYTHING you dont wish to have prying eyes to. Maybe secret family recipes, Passwords, Atm Pins it can be anything. Security is just one click away.

Know what would be cool? How about a password generator right inside the program. That way As i am creating logins, I can make a crazy hard password to guess/crack, and store it right there with the login info, as long as you have the software open.

Application Features

Stop trusting others to keep your information safe. Give the "cloud" the boot. Store your own data-with triple encryption, in places only YOU can access.

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Locally Saved Data

It saves data locally.... about the safest possible when you need to save sensitive data

Unlimited storage

You can store as much data you want as the data is stored in your PC.

Fast Loading

Saving Locally gives fastest possible performance.

Triple encryption

This software uses triple encryption so it is three times safe and secure.

How it works

See the software in Action.



Though we most likely be putting this out on the market later this year for $37, if you act right now, you can get it for free. All we ask is that after you use it, you send us an email and let us know how well it worked for you.