Local Mash

Imagine drilling down Geo-Tagging to perfection
Set your eyes on one zipcode and take it over with ease.


Start with a specific county
(Software will give you a perfect geo-tagged list of the cities and zipcodes inside that county.)

rip out that specific county
(Start hammering away at that county until you have saturated it with every local service you want to take over.)

Replace county with zip or city...
( Again, perfect ability to drill down to that specific area with perfect geo-tagging, and you just systematically overtake it.)

Covering the entire state
(you would be rich before that point). Once you hammer that state into submission, you go on to the next and so on.

With the geo-tagging you have two points of attack...

1) you are ranking generic listings in order to pull in local businesses.
2) you are promoting specific local businesses.

Depending on your business structure, you may be modifying existing listings to give to the new customer, or you may be going through and ranking more listings because with the addition of his company name you have created a whole new keyword set.

So just follow the following steps:

1. Find Your Target
2. Dominate it
3. Do It Again And Again!

Video tutorial: