Locustware Keyword Tool

Do you see yourself getting the absolute best keywords in your niche?


The thing about keywords...
You either have the right ones or you don't.

  • Best possible keywords at your fingertips at all times.
  • Puts you in a position where you can hammer down those page one listings pretty much on demand.
  • Get real results by going deeper with more accuracy. Pulls All relevant and related keywords.
  • Allows Positive/Negative Filtering
  • Featuring a Prepend | Append helper tool for your keywords. Handy for adding locations and more.
  • Allows Mass Append.
  • Auto-Saves your list on the fly.

See What I mean?

If you give me a keyword list of 1000 that is tightly related to my niche, then I can easily manipulate that list to turn into 5000 little money makers, or even 50,000 if that is what I need. So I created LKT to focus on accuracy more so than volume, but there was a surprising side effect. As long as you aren't using obscure keywords, it is pretty common to also get high volume. So I get to feel the benefits of both worlds. I get quality and I get volume... It is truly sweet music to my ears! Picture this - You enter your main root keyword into the software and gently tap the left mouse button to get the program rolling. You're watching it update every 30 seconds with more and more quality keywords surrounding your niche. Then you feel your stomach growling so you leave to get something to eat. You come back later that night, or you get caught up in something else and don't get back for a day or two. You have a sinking feeling in your heart that surely the program has frozen up or your computer restarted or something else equally as tragic. As you walk up and look at your screen you see the program still plugging away... Then you feel instant relief as you see that the program has been auto-saving you list for you so that no matter what happens, you don't lose that valuable list.

This, In My Opinion Is The Evolution Of Keyword Accuracy Tools

Now, you feel that you have retrieved all of the relevant keywords that you possibly can. But it isn't quite enough volume and you have a pattering of keywords in the mix that just do not fit your needs.

So now we crack open some of the helper tools that are attached directly to the keyword tool.

  • Let's look at this scenario... You have a good list and it is big enough. But you are a local marketer and need to geo target those keywords to the area that you are focused on right now.

    So, click that Prepend|Append button on your software and depending on your needs, you enter your geo data once and run it and it will then attach that geo data to each keyword so that you now not only have a powerful and accurate list, you also have the exact geo targeting that you need at the moment.

  • Now let's feel out another scenario... The software put together a great list for you, but some off-putting keyword somehow got into the mix and is showing up randomly throughout your list.

    So let's tap on that Filter List button in the software. This is a positive/negative filtering option.

    So, in our example, we do not want our keywords to contain some specific word, so we slide the toggle over to "no" and enter the word and then run the filter.

    So now it is going to glide through our list and remove every keyword that contains that one specific keyword - the one you did not like.
    One the other hand, if you had set the toggle to yes, then it would filter your list so that the only ones remaining were the ones that in fact did have that specific word in them.

  • One more scenario to wrap our hands around - Let's say you are not only a local marketer, but you also need a massive set of keywords because you aren't geo targeting a single place, instead you are geo targeting a lot of places all at once.

    Now you have to look in the menu item area to discover the hidden gem I buried there!

    It's called Big Append... And it is a force to be reckoned with to say the least. See that list of 1000 keywords you build? And you have a list of 100 geo targets that you want to keyword up. Well, hit that big append and you'll hammer that little list of 1000 into a massive list of 100,000 unique, targeted and perfect keywords for your niche within the span of a few seconds.

See what I mean... From finesse to raw brute force - LKT has you covered!

So here we are. Sometimes it is at this point that you would ask yourself if this is just another shiny object or if it is something you really need. I get that - and this time I can help. Yes, yes it is absolutely something you need. Let's face it, when you are doing anything serious online that can make you money, then the right keywords can and do have a massive impact on your earning potential. And seriously - Who doesn't want their own earning potential to be at its absolute highest point? No one - Noe one want that. So this time let it be an easy decision... I priced it low so that everyone can afford it, and you really do need it. So get your subscription to the Beast program and let's get this little beast working for you starting immediately!

Video tutorial: