Online PDF Translator

Grab any text from a PDF online, and translate into over 100 different languages.


Features you love


Just enter the url of your pdf and select the language you want and click run.

Over 100 Languages

It supports over 100 languages and lets you convert one single pdf into multiple languages.

Time Saving

Saves your time to rewrite and translate the text into another language.

Cost less than monthly Subscription?

Wonder how?

You can convert your PDF or PLR of paid tutorials from one language to multiple languages and create many products from one. For example, you bought a PLR on How to Invest Bitcoins?.
With PDF Translator you can convert this one PDF into multiple languages and sell them separately.

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  • How It Works

  • 1
    Enter Project Name

    PDF translator creates a folder of this name on your system.

  • 2
    Enter URL of your PDF

    Enter the online link of your PDF. If your PDF is on your hard disk you can upload it on your server.

  • 3
    Select Language

    Select the language in which you want to convert the PDF text.

  • 4
    Click Run

    When you click RUN the program fetches all the data from the PDF and convert It into the selected language.

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Video Tutorial

Download Now!

Though we most likely are putting this out on the market later this year for $37, if you act right now, you can get it for free. All we ask is that after you use it, you send us an email and let us know how well it worked for you.