News Flash! Every minute, over 72 hours of content are being uploaded to Youtube.

What does this mean to you as a marketer?

Ranking a video on Google or Youtube is harder every day, due to more competition. Most of the techniques you used ln years past are either Not working at all, or not nearly as effective.

Have you spent many hours trying to rank a video, only to find out your results were way less than you had hoped?

What if you had a crystal ball, to show you exactly what keywords you could still rank for easily?


Today I am going to introduce a secret
software that I built and use daily.

It's sole purpose in life is to very quickly tell me what I am really up against if I want to beat a specific video or an entire channel. You're about to learn how to rank for high-traffic, high-competition keywords using a special software program and a bit of know-how!

Level The Playing Field...

The average video marketer tends to look at likes, subscribers, views, backlinks, seo and so on, All of that is fine if vou are on a level playing field with the target video or channel you're trying to beat, but means absolutely nothing if you aren't.

Video tutorial: