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Rank you youtube video with RPI check and know what you have been doing wrong.


In Fact, Most Video Marketers Are Doing It All Wrong,
And Have The Poor Ranking Results To Prove It.

Today I am going to introduce a secret software that I built and use daily.

It's sole purpose in life is to very quickly tell me what I am really up against if I want to beat a specific video or an entire channel.
You're about to learn how to rank for high-traffic, high-competition keywords using a special software program and a bit of know-how!

Level The Playing Field...

The average video marketer tends to look at likes, subscribers, views, backlinks, seo and so on, All of that is fine if vou are on a level playing field with the target video or channel you're trying to beat, but means absolutely nothing if you aren't.

Recently a very well known and very respected full time video marketer connected with me on skype. He was at his wits end. Completely frustrated.

Without looking at his video or the video he was trying to beat, I simply fired up mv RPI Check software and instantly knew the answer.

The pro video marketer had better SEO, more visitors and likes, and better backlinks. Still the other guy was beating him without mercy, even though his video listing was garbage compared to the pro marketer.

So here is a top level professional getting his butt handed to him by a complete nobody. A person who wasn't a marketer at all.

So I Introduced Him To One Of My Secret Custom Software Tools!
And It keeps me at an advantage over almost all other video marketers! I have a pretty big and bold reputation in the video marketing niche. People hate it when I enter their niche because they know I am unstoppable.

Step One:

Search the main keyword in YouTube and one by one check the RPI of each video. Yes, the first 5 pages mean you'll need to check the RPI of the top 100 videos. It isn't so hard when you have software doing it for you. You want to only record the videos url that have a minimum of RPI 47 (just as an example) So you just save the video URL and it's RPI value into a text file or excel file as long as the RPI is above 47.
Get your foundation set.

Step Two:

Now go back to each video that made it into your list and check the channel RPI for each of those... Use the same criteria as before. Only this time, instead of adding to your list you are going to be removing from your list. Each channel that does not have an RPI of 47 or above, you remove that video url from your list.
Takes a little work, but nothing really hard.

Step Three:

Now you should have a pretty small list. Out of the original 100 you started with you are now down to about 20 (just an example). Those 20 urls you have are true hard core authority driven machines! Each one you have remaining is a powerhouse. Each one has high channel RPI as well as high video RPI for your target keyword. Create a channel naming it your big main keyword... The same keyword you used to find all of those authority sites.
See how easy this is?

Step Four:

This is important so pay very close attention. Now you want to start adding relevant comments onto those videos... But be careful. Only do a maximum of 5 comments per day from your account. You also want to really randomize things. Don't just go in and drop 5 comments on the first 5 videos. Spread it out... Go watch one video and just leave, go watch another from your list and give it a thumbs up or subscribe or both. Go to the next and do nothing, or something different than you did the last time. Get me? Randomize your actions so that you are putting out strong signals that you are very interested in that niche, but don't be so aggressive that you look like you're spamming or YouTube will start ghosting your comments. In other words you will see your comments while you're logged in but no one else will ever see them. Keep up with what you are doing on that list you made earlier... make note of if you did nothing, if you commented, subscribed, liked and so on. If you have videos for this niche, upload 1 per day and seo it for your keyword. If you don't have videos yet - No problem, its fine to be a little slow at this point.
Use a really simple process for really serious results.

Step Five:

You'll do this random pattern every day with 5 comments being your max per day until you have gone through and eventually posted on every one of those power accounts. In our example we said you ended up with 20 authority videos, so it will take you a minimum of 4 days to go through your list. So on your 5th day, go to fiverr or the backlink place of your choice and buy a little grip of ultra high quality backlinks to point toward your channel url. Volume is not important, it is quality that is important... You're not doing this because you absolutely have to, you're doing it just because it helps speed up the overall process a little bit.
Very straight forward.

Step Six:

Rinse and repeat steps 1-4 again using another highly targeted high competition keyword in that exact same niche. Once you have gone through 4 complete cycles, feel free to toss a few more high quality backlinks at it... You don't have to but I tend to do it that way. You'll continue steps 1-4 for 4-6 weeks... I know it sounds like a lot, but it isn't compared to what you're getting. After about week 3, start running the RPI checker on your own channel so that you can see when you receive an RPI boost. (This part is both frustrating and exciting) Once you reach the 4-6 week range (on average... can take a little more or a little less time) you will check your own RPI one day and see that your own channel now has an RPI of 47 or higher!
Absolutely simple to achieve.

Step Seven:

Now that you have an authority channel you'll find it exceedingly simple to rank for mid-competition keywords that you were never able to touch before. But why stop there when you are so close? The reality is that now you can easily rank for the highest competition keywords on the planet and know with absolute certainly that you'll start nailing those highly competitive keywords on demand. How? The exact same way you already built up your channel RPI! How easy is that!
That is how you OWN any niche you want.

Remember when I said earlier that most other video marketers are doing it all wrong?

And I walk into any niche I want and just dominate it... Now you know how I do it and now you have access to the same software I use to do it to.
(You're welcome!)

You're About To Give Yourself A Massive Marketing Advantage... Let Your Competitors Keep Shooting In The Dark Without Even Knowing They Are Doing It While You Are Moving With Swift Concise Action And Taking Complete Control."
Do your happy dance!

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