Spintax buddy is a massive time saver. Manual processes with Spintax that normally take hours, can now be done in just few minutes.


What Is Spintax?

The term spintax is a contraction of “spinning syntax”. Spintax is the format (or syntax) that is used by various software spinners and article submission sites that create or use spun articles. Article spinning is a method of creating one or more unique copies of an original article. The level of uniqueness depends on the type and amount of spinning you do.

But the process is time-consuming, and it can be difficult to remember all the syntax.

Spintax Buddy Is the solution!

Just one example of how this flexible tool can be used is to generate a spintax from your keyword list. Just paste your keywords into the box (one keyword/phrase per line) and click "Spintax It" button. You will immediately see the spintax format of your pasted keyword list. This is very easy and saves a lot of time. The tool is absolutely free and we will never charge for this service.

How Spintax Works?

At its core, Spintax depends on the use of synonyms. The original syntax is provided variants which mentain the same meaning. Thus a single sentenance can result in number of combinations each unique but still conveying one message.


Paste in your list of keywords.


Click "Spintax It"


Click "Create Variant"

Here is the video tutorial: