Video marketing is a major player
for some of the top marketers in the world.

All video marketers figure out pretty quickly that they need to be able to duplicate/modify and reuse their videos in order to truly maximize their offer.

Doesn't matter if you are promoting physical products from places like amazon, digital products from places like warriorplus, jvzoo, or clickbank, or even if you're doing cpa marketing or straight lead generation. Multipurposing your videos is one of the most vital steps you can take.

New video marketers often get discouraged because they try to re-upload their video and seo it to rank for a different keyword. They are met with the youtube duplicate video error and quickly discover that it isn't easy to get around that error short of making some changes in the video and rendering it again over and over.

They soon discover that doing those mods manually is long miserable work with no guarantee of success at all.

And then there is


Want to rank your video for great keyword rich titles but don't know which ones are pulling traffic? This software will actually ask google what similar keywords they are sending people to, and then it will give you those keyword phrases to use as titles for your videos. So now, a process that used to take days to do manually can be done within a couple of minutes with a simple button click. Now you have those great titles, but how do you know hard or easy it would be to rank for them? We all know that Youtube ranks our videos based in large part on the standing of the account we are using for uploading those videos.

If you have a old well established account with high RPI then you can easily rank for hard keywords, but if you have a relatively new site with no ranking power yet, then it would be a complete waste of time to even try ranking for hard keywords.

In a situation where you are using a new account, you need to 'season' that account by building up the difficulty of keywords you are ranking for. You can achieve this by first ranking for easy keywords, then rank for a littler harder keywords and so on. YouTube and Google will look at your account to see how many videos you currently have ranked and the difficulty of the rank while deciding where to rank the video you just uploaded.

Lucky for you, this software can tell you which keywords you can rank for before you ever even try! It does this by showing you Easy, Medium, Hard. So now you can click a button to tell you the difficulty level of each keyword, and then you can click another button to tell it to only give you the ones you want (easy, medium, or hard) and you're all set.

This feature saves you weeks of research, trial and error and allows you to focus on building a very successful ranking portfolio which will over time continue to make your account stronger and stronger.

Need the best possible SEO for your videos but don't want to spend the countless hours trying to figure it out for each video? - Its your lucky day because the software does this for you automatically - For each and every video!

What about your call to action? You want to be able to change the call to action in the top of the description on each video... You can do that automatically with this software! Have your own seo that you want to spin for each of your videos - No problem! That ability is already built-in to the software for you.

Want to keyword stuff your video files so that you get even more seo power from your video marketing? Video Mod Master can do that automatically for you. Each video will have unique keyword stuffed metadata that is perfect for your niche.

What about spinning videos? Are you an advanced video marketer who has a bunch of intro and outro videos that you like to sandwich your main videos between so that each video looks unique to the person watching it? This software makes it easy. You just tell it where your intros and outros are and it will create random pairs for you!


sets the stage for the most advanced
video marketing campaigns of your life!

Volume Matters

We have all been in a position where we have a great video that would be perfect to rank for a lot of keywords, but Youtubes duplicate content filter continually shatters our dream... Not anymore! With VideoModMaster you'll never worry about duplicate content bans again

Unique Variations

A lot of times as video marketers we find that our video is converting well and we want to mass copy it, but really want to make some changes along the way. With VideoModMaster we can easily spin our videos! Place random intros/outros on either side of our main video and let the magic begin!

SEO Magnified

With VideoModMaster getting the perfect seo solution is simple. You can leave it on default settings, or drill down and take your seo levels off the charts.

Video tutorial:

Feature Summary

  • You will never worry about duplicate content bans again.
  • You can easily spin your videos.
  • Duplicate/modify and reuse your videos in order to truly maximize your offer.
  • Place random intros/outros on either side of our main video.
  • Get the perfect seo solution, take your seo levels off the charts.
  • Multi-purposing your videos is one of the most vital steps you can take.
  • From your keyword, find out what similar keywords Google is sending people to so you can use them as titles for your video's. It will even show you if they are Easy, Medium or Hard.
  • This software will give you the best seo possible for your video's.
  • Want to ad a Call To Action in your description? It will do that automatically for you.
  • Have your own description and want to spin it? It will do that too.
  • Each video will have unique keyword stuffed metadata that is perfect for your niche.