YT Rank Hammer

This software creates content for your video description that's keyword stuffed but with a twist.



The first twist is of course that the process is automated for you. As the user you just enter your keyword and click a button.


The second twist is that it uses intelligent keyword stuffing. In other words it peppers your keyword throughout the content in sensible ways. So your keyword may be at the beginning of a sentence in the middle or at the end and your keyword may also use various cases as well - you know upper case, lower case, drop case so on.


The third twist is that the software will use LSI keywords, meaning other tightly related keywords to your main keyword, so that your video will also rank for those keywords as well.


So ultimately the software will create one or more descriptions and you get to decide that. Then you use those in your videos and you place it below your own main content. You can also write your own call-to-action so then as soon as YouTube crawls your video content you'll start ranking for various keywords.

Most of the time you'll rank for your main keyword too. But on those times when you don't it's okay because your time wasn't wasted since you'll also be ranking for other keywords directly related to your main keyword.

If you are setting up to create descriptions for multiple videos targeting different keywords, no problem. YT Rank Hammer will just append each job on to the bottom of the previous job.

Video tutorial: