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It needs to be straight to the point, sell the reason why they should sign up in a compelling way and offer something for them. Think about it – are you going to give out your email address for no reason without getting anything in return? Probably not and neither is anyone else. When you promise something such as a free eBook or a short video about the affiliate product, the person is then directed to the Thank You page as soon as they give over their email address.

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Nothing to download, nothing to install. You just enter your affiliate IDs (from JVZoo for example) in the Settings. You then pick a funnel / an offer you want to promote and our engine will customize it with your affiliate link in just a few seconds. You click “Get Funnel Link” and you’re ready to go. And on top of that our engine will send the leads to your autoresponder (see below)!
This is exactly what it sounds like—the total number of opportunities across each stage of your sales funnel. Here, you’ll want to ensure that you have a good balance of leads in each stage of your sales funnel. If you notice an excessive amount of leads in any one stage, this might mean that your reps are struggling to move them down the funnel, which is cause for concern. .

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Social proof is the psychological idea that people determine what’s correct by finding out what other people think is correct. Customer reviews are 12x more trusted than descriptions that come from manufacturers. Social media is a powerful tool for creating social proof. Let the stories and experiences of your happy customers create converting content for you.
I’m excited to share with you through the video that we’re going to get to next. But I also wanted to introduce myself because I’m also going to share some other emails that are going to help you understand what you can do to better your health, to improve your situation, and to live a happier, longer, healthier life while managing your diabetes naturally…

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Cloud-Based Point and Click Software – Instantly generates you a 100% DFY profit funnels100% newbie-friendly so anybody can use this to have a funnel up and running todaySave countless hours of time & frustration when compared with creating funnels yourselfAvoid paying month-to-month for software tools that are complicated and expensiveFinally forget about hiring hiring designers, authors, and coders
Gaining the attention of your audience and clients through the use of social media marketing is great, however, if you don’t utilize the audience that you’ve gained from such efforts there’s basically no point in doing it. If you want to know how to build effective online sales funnels, using the latest online sales funnel software tools, then you came to the right spot!

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When you’re first starting your online business, it’s all about short-term hacks like cold calling, cold emailing, and affiliate marketing. While these short-term tactics can get you those first few sales, your long-term success will depend on you creating an effective marketing funnel. Learn how to build a powerful one that helps you attract (and retain) customers for the long term.

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Content piece engagement rate – If you have calls to action on multiple blog posts or other onsite content pieces, you’ll want to know which are sending the most converted customers through your funnel so that you can replicate your success by upgrading/updating that piece of content, sending paid traffic to that blog post, promoting it via email, and/or creating more content pieces like that. Tracking engagement rates on each CTA will give you this information (you can easily set up Google Analytics goals in order to see which posts drive more conversions).

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    At this stage many ClickFunnels affiliates choose to invest in their affiliate journey by purchasing a premium course, and the best one by far that I'm aware of is Affiliate Secrets 2.0, developed by Spencer Mecham (the top ClickFunnels affiliate who's been paid over one million USD in affiliate commissions by ClickFunnels). Who better to learn from than Spencer? Check my friend Ilir Salihi's Affiliate Secrets Review at his website FreedomRep. 

    Jonathan "JC" Chan is the Head of Marketing at Insane Growth and spends his time helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their 7 & 8-figure goals. When not writing about anything and everything to do with startups, entrepreneurship, and marketing, JC can be found pretending to be the next MMA star at the gym. Make sure you connect with him on LinkedIn.
    Does this list include my target audience? Why Self-Growth? Because they have a list of business owners (specifically experts, coaches, and consultants) who are familiar with the basics of online marketing. Most are already selling digital products, coaching programs, and robust consulting packages. All of these offerings are proven to work well with product launch methodologies. In addition, this audience is already familiar with Jeff Walker's name and his Product Launch Formula.

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    In this chapter, we’re going to talk about funnel hacking, a quick way to build that marketing funnel by using other funnels have already been proven to work. By using customer journey flows that your competitors have already built, you can get a head start in getting your online business off the ground. And then go back and tweak the funnel later once you’ve got your initial sales.

    The traditional sales funnel model is based on the AIDA approach (attention, interest, decision, action). While this formula is a great first step, there are more steps to take to build a funnel that’s truly comprehensive, and takes care of customers throughout the purchase process (and even after the purchase stage). This chapter is dedicated to building a modern-day sales funnel for your online business using a conversion funnel.
    An MQL is a marketing qualified lead. This is where the sales funnel begins. We forgo the prospecting/lead/MAL phase because our digital channels bare minimum goal is to touch the user, drive leads (accepted), and hopefully through optimizing around lead quality, qualify the leads. Most organizations take this MQL figure and make it any conversion or lead that comes through marketing activity and meets a minimum threshold. To become an MQL a user must demonstrate interest by signing up for a newsletter, filling in a form, downloading content, etc.

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    Employees can choose to share the content from their BrandHub to their social networks. This not only positions your employees as subject matter experts, but also aids in the conversion of digital selling efforts into lead capture activities. Driving visitors to individual BrandHubs strengthens that employee as a subject matter expert. Their association with your company strengthens your position as a leading company with knowledgeable employees. It is an ideal buyer enablement tool allowing your reps to have the consistent, on-point content they need to sell at their fingertips.
    “I decided to work with Hailey because I wanted an email funnel that actually converted. And within the first 3 months of launching, we’d enrolled more than 50 new members! I loved that Hailey took control of everything. From the copy to the graphics, as well as actually putting the funnel together for me in my email provider service, I loved that I could be hands off and she took care of the rest. Not only is she excellent at what she does and professional, but she is a pleasure to work with. I will definitely work with Hailey again as my business evolves.” –

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    Finally, your funnel metrics will help you see how people are ultimately responding to what you’re doing. Is your click-through rate high? Is your email list growing? These are good indicators that you’re doing a good job of putting out content people want to interact with. If not, it’s a good indicator of where you need to make changes in order to get a better response.

    I mean, out of the gate, I think in our first 4-6 weeks of working together, which is our first launch, you guys were able to get us better results than I’ve been able to get the 4 years I’ve been doing this. It’s now saving me money, it’s saving me time and is allowing us to scale where we want to scale. Overall, just couldn’t be more stoked, couldn’t be happier.
    The journey of creating conversions does not end when you set up the best marketing tools. Most people assume that their viewers will gain increasing interest in their products; hence they fail to follow through with a funnel system to manage the process. It is, therefore, common to end up with only a handful of visitors who become loyal customers.

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However, even though taking action is the end goal of the sales funnel, this isn’t to say that the buyer’s journey ends here. Try not to think about this whole journey solely from the perspective of sales. Of course, closing the deal is fundamental, yet, simultaneously, it’s wise to establish a relationship with the buyer that goes beyond making one major sale. After all, statistically speaking, you’re far more likely to sell to an existing customer than you are to a new one. Therefore, once you’ve made a sale, you should immediately think about retention.

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If you paid attention before, you’ll have noticed that there’s a customer testimonial in the example Facebook Ads retargeting sales funnel stages laid out before. Ideally, the customer testimonial represents a case many among your target audience can relate to. The testimonial then becomes both relevant value and a decision-driver to your prospect. They see someone like them solving a problem they’re having too and will start asking themselves what they are doing about that problem.

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The sales funnel is a concept that is almost universally recognized in the sales world, but that might be partially due to how long it’s existed - it’s been around since 1898, after all! While some of the ideas it’s built on are timeless, the world and the way we buy and sell has changed so much over the past 120 years; it only makes sense that some adjustments need to be made. Interestingly, funnel devotees seem to recognize this, as the sales funnel has actually recently evolved, adding “advocacy” as a new final stage. The increasingly popular emphasis on the customer experience factor in sales is more evidence of new ideas that have been brewing in response to the changing marketplace. These new inclusions are an acknowledgement that a successful sales strategy does not end with the purchase (as the original sales funnel modelled), but rather it needs to look at the bigger picture of the entire customer experience.  These realizations were first formally popularized through Jim Collins’ work on the sales flywheel. See the video below for a further explanation of what a flywheel is, and why some argue that it officially makes the sales funnel obsolete.

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If you’re running a marketing services business, you might create content about how to choose a marketing agency, pricing guides, whether a company should go contract or hire in-house, etc. The above examples are non-promotional, educational content resources we’ve created for our readers who are considering hiring marketing agencies – i.e. in the middle of the funnel (MOFU).

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