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Beyond terms and process, one of the best ways brands can align both sales and marketing is through shared programs such as account-based marketing (ABM) and lead nurturing. In 2018, Salesforce Research found high-performing marketing organizations to be 1.5x more likely to use ABM methods, and 1.9x more likely to use lead nurturing than underperforming marketing organizations. They are “shared programs” since both marketing and sales should work together to create them. Marketing handles the technology and setup while sales pick the targets and help create the content. Sharing in the creation of the programs allows sales to feel ownership of the programs, increasing their use and overall effectiveness.
Matt Ackerson founded AutoGrow (Petovera Inc.) in 2010 as a conversion-focused web design agency. The company has since worked one-on-one with over 500 customers and clients to create their sales funnels. Matt is a graduate of Cornell University. He and AutoGrow have been featured in Techcrunch, Forbes, Inc, Venture Beat, Mashable, and Popular Science among others. He and the team write in-depth articles on digital marketing, sales funnel design, and also offer an advanced funnel training course here on .

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Ask yourself, “is this really a lead?” You might want to do some adjusting to your lead-gen process, or how you qualify leads in the first place. Are you targeting the right companies? Are your expectations for buyer-fit reasonable? A little bit of analysis will go a long way to make sure you’re really filling the pipeline with sales qualified leads.
Branded vs. Non-branded: Even being as high level as a user searching your company name or not, this can help sales understand where to start and how much information they may need to begin with. Qualifiers: different qualifiers can flag what the MQL is looking for originally, whether that be comparison chart, pricing information, competitor alternative, etc.

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Emily and I clicked from the start. She took my strategy and elevated it, then executed a fabulous ad campaign. Emily and her team were always very professional, kind, and easy to work with. I was getting $0.52 per lead and more than doubled my email list in a month. I always highly recommend working with pros if you want to elevate your business and Emily is one of the best!
Although we handpick the best selling offers in different niches for you, you still have the freedom to pick a different offer (we do suggest many alternatives as well to eliminate some of the grunt work on your end), and promote it using your Affiliate Funnels PRO. Or you might want to redirect your prospects to your Bonus page. We know some want this flexibility and we’re happy to help you as much as we can to achieve your goals.

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A sales funnel focuses on leads (i.e., buyer behavior), adopts the prospect’s perspective, and shows the conversion rate at each stage of the process (i.e., how many leads out of the total transition to the next phase). The sales funnel also visualizes how the lead qualification process usually pans out: a large number of B2B sales leads enter the wide top of the funnel and a small fraction reaches the bottom as customers.

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ClickFunnels affiliate program uses what is called a sticky cookie. An aptly-named piece of commission design to credit you for sales (it’s not your typical chocolate chip cookie, but still sounds pretty delicious to me). When your link is clicked by a customer, they get your sticky cookie and entitles you to commissions from all the products they purchase, in any funnel they go to.

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    An MQL is a marketing qualified lead. This is where the sales funnel begins. We forgo the prospecting/lead/MAL phase because our digital channels bare minimum goal is to touch the user, drive leads (accepted), and hopefully through optimizing around lead quality, qualify the leads. Most organizations take this MQL figure and make it any conversion or lead that comes through marketing activity and meets a minimum threshold. To become an MQL a user must demonstrate interest by signing up for a newsletter, filling in a form, downloading content, etc.

    Further up in the sales funnel stages, but worth mentioning while in the realm of automation: use Zapier to set up a meeting scheduler (like or Calendly) to capture leads if they end up booking a meeting with you and then have these leads automatically pushed into Salesflare or another CRM, all ready for efficient follow-up. For more inspiration on this, check out our post on The Subtle Art Of Following Up With Automation.
    The journey of creating conversions does not end when you set up the best marketing tools. Most people assume that their viewers will gain increasing interest in their products; hence they fail to follow through with a funnel system to manage the process. It is, therefore, common to end up with only a handful of visitors who become loyal customers.

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    As a side note, you can think of a sales funnel assessment in terms of pre-sale and post-sale metrics. The pre-sale category includes things such as evaluating the time that it takes for a buyer to get from awareness to the point of making a purchase. Additionally, this category also includes marketing channels evaluations, for instance, measuring how many people come in via Facebook versus Twitter. In terms of post-sale assessment, the number of return customers is the most relevant metric.

    Nevertheless, remember that people aren’t ready to make a purchase just yet. Therefore, there’s no point in trying to sell anything for the time being. Instead, strive to create informative content such as white papers or e-books, to educate people about your industry, and about the types of problems that products like yours can solve. This way, you will demonstrate expert knowledge, gain people’s trust, and bring them one step closer to making a purchase.
    Audible is an Amazon-owned producer of audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. This platform builds awareness and brings potential subscribers into their sales funnel by partnering with authors of books featured on the platform to promote their audiobook using a free one-month trial for the service. When users sign up for the free trial, they are given 30 days to use the service before being automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription.

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    The squeeze page itself, then, could appear on your website as a landing page or as a social media pop-up screen. Either way, simplicity is king. You do not need to give too much away at this stage. Instead, try to promote one key feature or celebrate one problem that the product can solve. When they are intrigued or ‘hooked’, they will be happy to provide their contact details in return for learning more.
    One thing to note here, is the application process is only for those that want to promote ClickFunnels through affiliate marketing. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of affiliate marketing ClickFunnels still has an option to have a badge on any funnels you build. If someone clicks that badge and starts a ClickFunnels account you will earn a commission.

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    You also profit from subsequent purchases made by that same referral too. These are called ‘back end’ products. Which are products your referrals buy once they’re inside the sales funnel at some point. Some companies even hire skilled phone sales people to ‘close’ these back end sales for you. And the profit per sale on these products can be significant.

    There’s a war for good sales talent out there. The digital selling generation is looking for companies with a more sophisticated approach to lead generation. They’re digital natives. They want the tools and tech to help them succeed. With their own BrandHub, they can amplify their message, reach more prospects, convert more leads and ultimately hit their quota.
    Hey, another great article but would be great to see ecommerce examples for content and ad creative for something like this. Examples are typically always B2B and often targeted toward business owners where content ideas are easier and more obvious as opposed to competitive items in ecommerce where people aren’t going to be invested enough to download and read an ebook (e.g. bluetooth speakers)

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Define where your sales funnel starts and you’ll define your entry point – and get to your number of entrances. This is an important funnel metric, because it’s the starting point for the rest of your sales funnel. You can calculate your entrances by adding up the number of leads you’ve reached in various ways during a specified timeframe. You can also calculate this on a per channel or per campaign level (for example, tallying up the total number of clicks from your Facebook or Google ads).

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Data insights are again the key to funnel optimization. Three other data-driven technologies follow analytics and sales reporting as the most popular sales tools: account and contact management (65%), sales forecasting tools (56%), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems (58%). The latter is a particularly crucial tool for optimization, enabling your business to organize all customer-related data in a central location.

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A content plan isn’t just about writing what you “think” will resonate with your target audience – but rather about knowing precisely what they want at every stage in the conversion funnel. You’ve got a lot of layers involved and some of them might even overlap, so it’s vital to understanding exactly where all of your readers are at each stage of the process.

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Often, this stage is about helping prospects to overcome any final hurdles they have. They have identified that you are the right product or service, but there may be something they need convincing on. eConsultancy reports that 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase, and this is often where you can go that extra mile to get prospects through this final stage. 

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